Dynamic Bed & Pin Bed Clarifiers

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Project Detail

Roytec is the leading supplier of Pin Bed Clarifiers (PBC’s) and Dynamic Bed Clarifiers (DBC’s) globally, with many units installed in Southern Africa and Internationally.

Pin Bed Clarifier 2
PBC’s and DBC’s are used for the clarification of river water or on any process stream, typically Pregnant Liquor Solution (PLS).

  • High filtration fluxes – 7 to 10m³/hr per m²
  • Units can treat inlet solids of 5000ppm or more
  • Overflow clarities of less than 10ppm achievable with PBC’s and less than 50ppm using DBC’s.

Dynamic and Pin Bed Clarifiers offer very simple operation with minimal instrumentation and control, this highly efficient technology uses low cost coagulant and flocculant.