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Vacuum Belt Filters
Product Features
• Wide range of materials of    construction to suit various    applications
• Various sizing arrangements to suit    client layout
• The Roytec Toncin Vacuum Belt    Filter is extremely robust and    suitable for operation and    maintenance on the most remote of    mining sites

Vacuum Belt Filters

Roytec have been designing and manufacturing Vacuum Belt Filters for 15 years. Our engineers have many man-years of Belt Filter experience on a variety of mining & industrial applications.

In 2015 Roytec entered into a manufacturing agreement with Nuclear Industries YanTai Toncin in the Shandong province of China. Toncin are Asia’s largest Belt Filter manufacturer, delivering more than 600 units every year. Toncin’s sister company Sunny Rubber, have the capacity to manufacture rubber filter belts up to 6m width in a single pressing. The largest filters (163m²) supplied into our African market to date have rubber belt 4,6m wide.

The agreement between Roytec & Toncin allows for a combination of the best design features from both companies for any particular application. Roytec Toncin belt filters are available in sizes from 1.2m² to a 200m² and are always fitted with South African / International brand mechanical & electrical components to ensure good parts availability. Manufacture of major components is carried out in China, resulting in a sound design, economical filter, fully guaranteed and serviced by Roytec.