Magnetic Separators

Project Detail

BGRIMM-MAT Magnetic Separation technology is Leading the development of Magnetic Separation technology in China and is China’s largest supplier of Magnetic Separators with permanent magnets.

The Beijing General Research Institute for Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM) have been active in Magnetic Separation Technology  research, design and manufacture since the early 1960’s. BGRIMM-MAT (Machinery & Automation Technology division) is Asia’s leading Magnetic Separation technological development company who design equipment for over 70% of the Chinese market.

Recently BGRIMM have supplied  major mining operations such as Sino Iron in the Pilbara region in Western Australia with 200 BGRIMM units successfully installed in the plant.

Apart from the Chinese market, BGRIMM have supplied numerous Magnetic Separators for different applications in Australia, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan etc.

Roytec will support BGRIMM-MAT with a range of services including testwork, equipment sizing, project execution to western standards.  In addition, Roytec offer commissioning, after sales service and local spares holding.

The combination of BGRIMM’s leading technology, economical Chinese fabrication and strong local support from Roytec gives local clients a very attractive option for their Magnetic Separation needs.

The range of Magnetic Separation equipment includes:

  • Dry Permanent Magnetic Drums
    • Suitable to treat -350mm material over a magnetic head pulley for pre-concentration
    • Sizes from Ø800mm x 1150mm long to Ø1500 x 3400mm long
    • Magnetic Strength 1200 – 6500Gs across the range
    • Separates waste before wet concentration
  • Dry Cobbing Magnetic Separators
    • Single and two stage units available
    • Separates waste before wet concentration
  • Wet Permanent Magnet Drum Separators LIMS & MIMS:
    • Sizes from Ø750mm x 1200mm long to Ø1500 x 5000mm long
    • Magnetic Strength 1000 – 12000Gs across the range
    • Concurrent, counter current and counter rotation tank configurations
    • Available in Multi-step configurations reducing required footprint
    • Options covering many different feed particle size distributions

  • External Magnet Wet Drum Separators for pre-concentration of weakly magnetic materials
  • Electromagnetic separation columns for final upgrade of magnetite concentrate to above 60%
  • Vertical Rig High Gradient Permanent Magnetic Separators
    • Sizes from Ø1000mm to Ø2500mm
    • Magnetic Strength 15000Gs
  • Magnetic separators for recovery from tailings
  • Permanent magnetic mill linings
    • Reduce liner wear substantially
    • 4-6 times the wear life of standard Mn-Steel Liners
    • 25-40% of the normal maintenance cost