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Spare Parts

The consequences of lost production can be immense.  Production throughput can suffer as a result of breakdowns.  And breakdowns can be severely aggravated if spare parts are not on-hand.  The parts themselves can also impact Plant uptime, if they are of poor quality.

Roytec appreciates the key role that spare parts play in maximizing Plant uptime and equipment reliability.  A dedicated Spare Parts department is ready to provide the support you need, to help you get your Plant running reliably.

Trust Roytec to meet your spare parts needs!

Spare Parts Features
Full Service
Scoping the Part
Regional Advantage
Stock Levels
Holistic Operations

A full spare parts service!

Spare parts represent a vital component of Roytec’s global operations. Designing and delivering a Roytec separation machine is only the beginning of the journey. Assisting the customer in a lifetime of successful operations is what builds Roytec credibility, and keeps our customers coming back.

The Spare Parts department is on track to process more than 1,000 spares orders for 2024, and is growing in strength and capability.
Roytec takes pride in offering a full spare parts service, and strives to provide:

  • a comprehensive portfolio of every single possible spare part which could be required on existing Roytec machines
  • comprehensive spare parts coverage across non-Roytec separation machines
  • accurate scoping of spare parts, to ensure right-first-time delivery
  • local representation and global coverage
  • spare parts of the highest reputation and quality
  • partnerships in optimizing spare parts operations
  • holistic technical help across your spare parts operations

Roytec can assist you in achieving effective operations!

Scoping the correct spare part

Identifying parts on Roytec machines

You’ve raised an order for a spare part.  Your part takes shape in the manufacturing queue and journeys around the world to reach your Plant.  When it arrives, it passes through your receiving channels.  Frontline staff stop the machine and prep it for a safe change-out.  They draw the part from your stores, and take it to the point of installation – only to unwrap it and find it is not the right part!

How do you know you have ordered the right part?  What assurance and controls do you have, to ensure that what you have ordered is exactly what was originally supplied with the machine?

Roytec keeps track of every single piece of equipment sold.  As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Roytec will refer to the original designs and drawings.  You can therefore trust that Roytec will know exactly which part your machine has been supplied with.  Enquiries for spare parts are related back to both the original manufacturing drawings,  as well as historical order records, to cross-reference and validate that the parts being quoted are exactly right for your Roytec machine.

Roytec is able to drill down to the specific part, and provide assurance that the replacement part is compatible with the original design.

Identifying parts on non-Roytec machines

With extensive industry experience, Roytec’s team of field Sales & Services Engineers, working together with the Aftermarket Spares experts, can assist you in identifying, measuring and scoping replacement spare parts for your non-Roytec separation machine.

With expertise in the components employed across the genre of separation machines, Roytec will be able to provide accurate scoping for quality spare parts across all makes and models.

Experience in scoping spare parts

Roytec has a demonstrated competence of scoping and supplying spare parts across more than 500 existing Roytec installations.  With a success rate of > 99%, the dedicated Aftermarket Spares experts provide a safe pair-of-hands in ensuring your spare parts complement your reliability objectives.

Getting the spare parts into your hands

Roytec insists on employing quality components on all new machines.  Buy-out components (such as instrumentation, drives and lubricants) are sourced from vendors who have a reputation for global presence and consistency of quality.  Fabricated components (such as framework, platework and machine mechanisms) are made in facilities with significant capacity, and a proven manufacturing discipline.

This extensive international network of providers and partners ensures that Roytec is able to source the spare parts you need – wherever you are in the world.

You’ve placed an order for your spare parts… but the site where they are needed is tucked away in a remote corner of the continent.

Fear not: Roytec has decades of experience in getting your spare parts to anywhere you need them!

In times of breakdown, when spares are needed urgently, a rush order can be prioritised.  Roytec will help you to get your Plant up-and-running again as quickly as possible.

A Regional Advantage

Local Presence

In order to be close to customers, Roytec Global has established a presence on 6 continents. This local presence provides a benefit to customers, as Roytec provides a spare parts service which is aligned to your regional needs.  Talking to an agent in your own language and time-zone is also a benefit.

The capability to receive and store spare parts at regional facilities, closer to the point-of-use, provides for quicker leadtimes, consolidating of shipments and cost-saving.

Local Knowledge

Roytec has placed special attention on ensuring compliance with local trading requirements.  For example, localization legislation, trading or operating requirements, regional insurance, and compliance with international best practice in areas such as labour practices, trade practices and tax practices.

Roytec prides itself on ethical and compliant operations in all transactions across all regions.

Quality is Non-Negotiable

Commitment to Great Vendors and Products

Roytec applies a policy of short-listing suppliers which meet the quality expectations, and establishing a preferential relationship.  This practice of building relationships with the best suppliers ensures that you, the customer, can be assured of a quality product.

Through these established relationships, Roytec also avoids the industry practice of constantly ‘shopping around’, in an attempt to squeeze the best cost price – often at the expense of quality – from a range of suppliers and brands.  Resources are not misappropriated in price-driven cycles of testing, failing and correcting (and which often play out at the customer’s expense).

Supplier- and brand- loyalty result in a stable foundation for building a reliable, quality-assured spare parts service. 

Quality Assurance is part of the Process

Roytec applies quality assurance practices, as part of providing the peace-of-mind on any Roytec-supplied spare part.  Key points along the design, fabrication, supply and commissioning processes have been interwoven with quality assurance steps.  Quality practitioners along this operational chain apply ISO-certified assurance practices, to make sure that the spare part that reaches you meets the strictest quality requirements.

Where the quality standards of supplied commodities have proved inadequate, Roytec has taken ownership of the standard, and established improved quality parameters.  This is to ensure all products prescribed by Roytec deliver to the required expectation.  These parameters form an industry-leading quality benchmark.

Tried and tested Vendors and Components

In delivering a quality-assured spare part, backed with a guarantee, Roytec needs to have assurance that suppliers of commodities and sub-components are also operating at comparable levels of quality.

With more than two decades of experience in building and equipping a large portfolio of equipment, Roytec has developed an extensive knowledge of the vendors and components which can be relied on for successful operations.

A Guarantee on Every Spare Part Sold

Roytec prides itself on delivering spare parts to the highest quality standards.  As such, Roytec stands behind a quality guarantee on every single part supplied.  This guarantee holds true on parts which are designed and fabricated by Roytec, along with any part sourced from Roytec’s network of reputable suppliers.

The Right Level of Spare Parts Stock​

Stock-holding requirements differ from site to site.  Factors which carry an influence will include:

  • the criticality of the spare part to your site’s operations
  • how often the spare part is employed across the site
  • the expected lifespan of the spare part
  • logistical constraints, such as the lead-time in manufacturing the spare part, and the distance and complexity of the supply chain, in delivering the spare part to site

Roytec’s understanding of the above parameters (across the full range of spare parts) allows for the development of an intelligent and customized spare parts strategy.

With the right stock parameters, the generation of a spare parts budget becomes a realistic exercise.  Accurate spare parts budgets are an important component in managing operational finances.

Carrying of your own spare parts stock comes with a cost and a risk.  Roytec, in alignment with an accurate spare parts strategy, can take your spares operations to a higher level of maturity.  This would involve sharing in the stock-holding of spare parts, such that Roytec is able to administer your spare parts across a wider portfolio of sites, as well as save on shipping costs through consolidating of orders.

Roytec can also provide a spare parts management service, in helping you to establish good store-keeping disciplines.  This service would include routine stock-counts and monitoring spare parts consumption.

In recognizing the high costs involved in Plant downtime, Roytec invests in keeping stock of a select portfolio of critical spare parts.

These spare parts are usually both critical in application (with little or no process redundancy), and have lengthy manufacturing- and logistics- time-frames.

Contact Roytec to discuss which parts are classified as critical, and how Roytec can help you in ensuring parts availability on your critical assets.

Spares as a Component of Holistic Operations

Running an operational facility is a complex undertaking.  ‘Spare parts’ is so much more than just having ‘the right part at the right time’.  Other important factors in the web of operational complexity include:

Roytec has a range of experts who are capable of visiting site, providing technical support, and advising on effective spare parts operations.