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Operational Services

Running a processing facility is demanding, requiring a balance between efficient operations and managing operational costs. Roytec’s Operational Services are designed to support these needs by providing system setup, skill development, and various production and maintenance services. Our goal is to ensure your operations run smoothly and effectively, leveraging our expertise and resources to optimize performance and reduce downtime. With Roytec, you can achieve operational excellence across the entire lifecycle of your equipment.

Operational Services Features
Lifecycle Services
Why Operational Services
Why Roytec Global
Naming the Services

Operational Services

Running a processing facility can be a demanding job. A balance must be found between providing efficient and effective operations, and the operational costs required to achieve this. A significant skill set is also needed in orchestrating these operations and understanding the equipment.

Equipment must be operated in the correct way. Parameters must be measured routinely, and steps taken accordingly. Preventive maintenance must target reduced downtime, and corrective maintenance must restore operations quickly.
Effective operations also require staff who are skilled in both operating and maintaining the equipment.
And finally, systems must be in place to coordinate all the operational activities.
Roytec’s Operational Services is aimed at providing the setup and support of these systems, the development of skills, and a variety of production and maintenance services, to help you in running your operations effectively.

Roytec can assist you in achieving effective operations!

Services across the entire lifecycle

Designing and delivering a Roytec separation machine is only the beginning of the journey.  Assisting the customer in a lifetime of successful operations is what builds Roytec credibility, and keeps our customers coming back.

Operational Services provides extensive coverage of all the operational functions needed on Roytec equipment, through a network of experienced Roytec resources.

The full range of services are illustrated in the matrix:

Why Employ Operational Services

Effective operations rely on systems.  Systems provide the structure and foundation against which to operate, measure and improve.  Without systems, it is unlikely operations will be effective in a sustainable way.

Roytec’s Operational Services are based on systems.  As such, Roytec will help you establish the systems needed to operate effectively.

Examples of systems could include:

  • a system to capture process readings and escalate process deviations
  • a system to manage maintenance activities
  • a system to determine stock levels and re-order levels for spare parts

Optimized operations translate directly to more throughput.  As the primary driver of all processing organisations, the pursuit of more throughput is always a strong factor.

Roytec’s Operational Excellence Services are focused on boosting your operational throughput.

Roytec will work with your teams in developing and transferring expertise, allowing them to perform to high standards.

Roytec will also work alongside your teams in securing better operational outcomes.

Environmental, Social and Governance measures are an important factor for modern organisations.  Through employing Roytec Operational Excellence Services, improved scores across ESG can be achieved through:

  • reduced environmental impact through waste reduction and efficiency improvements
  • staff skills development
  • reliable governance, underpinned by effective systems

Mining operations often face difficulty in attracting and developing appropriate skills.  The remote locations mean that many skilled individuals do not make themselves available for employment.

To help minimize this challenge, Roytec can provide a network of skilled individuals who can be called upon to apply Operational Excellence Services in remote locations.

Skills development among your own staff also remains a priority focus for Roytec.

Integrating with you

Services in alignment with your way-of-working
Services in alignment with your way-of-working
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Operational Services are applied first-and-foremost in combination with your existing ways-of-working. For example, if you run a particular enterprise system, or subscribe to an existing maintenance package or stock-holding methodology, Roytec’s services will be based on utilizing this same system. This is to ensure minimal disruption to you and your teams, and the smooth integration of Roytec’s services into your existing universe.
Services to Build on Your Existing Operations
Services to Build on Your Existing Operations
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Starting with the systems and resources at your disposal, Roytec’s objective is to supplement, build and improve.  Integration with existing systems will always aim to utilize them and build on them in a way that adds value to you.

Why choose Roytec Global


When it comes to providing operational services, Roytec is in a strong position as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

As the OEM, Roytec has extensive experience in not only designing and building the portfolio of equipment – but also in advising, setting up systems, providing operating standards, and commissioning the equipment to a state of steady operations.

With over 2000 pieces of equipment, delivered across more than 2 decades in the industry, Roytec is positioned as an experienced OEM in the product line.


Roytec employs industry-leading experts across the entire value-chain of separation systems.  This includes experts tasked with understanding operational requirements and product variables, sizing of equipment, designing in compliance with international codes, commissioning, operating, maintaining and troubleshooting.

This network of Roytec experts are utilized as a cohesive team in addressing customer needs and ensuring optimized operations.


In order to be close to customers, Roytec Global has established a presence on 6 continents. This local presence provides a benefit to customers, as Roytec provides Operational Services which are aligned to your regional needs.  Talking to an agent in your own language and time-zone is also a benefit.

Where physical interventions are required, response times and travelling costs are also positively impacted, through having regional presence.


Roytec’s product line-up and project footprint have spanned an extensive range of applications.  Across these diverse applications, Roytec has been steadily learning and refining.

Operational activities in which Roytec has been extensively involved include training,  commissioning, maintaining, optimizing, refurbishing and troubleshooting. 

Roytec has also been involved in many applications where process conditions have changed, necessitating a revision to the operations.

Operational feedback forms an important part of the inputs into further equipment designs.

Naming the Operational Services

Systems Setup
  • Create production procedures and registers (on the customer’s template);
  • Capture the operational schedules into the customer’s operational system;
  • Validate setpoints, alarms and standards on the customer control system;
  • Develop production checklists;
  • Principles of operation;
  • Parts identification;
  • Practical operator certification;
  • Data gathered against Operational Compliance, Operating Parameters and Performance Data, and trended against standard;
  • General process observations logged and escalated;
  • Data interpreted into results;
  • Reporting and escalation;
  • remote monitoring capability is optional
Frontline Activities
  • Basic equipment operation, including operational tasks, reporting on compliance and equipment performance, fault-finding and escalation;
  • Participation in customer systems (for example, permits, lockouts, safety, production meetings);
  • Service includes Inspections
Advanced Activities
  • Oversight of frontline production activities
Systems Setup
  • Create maintenance procedures and registers (on the customer’s template);
  • Capture the maintenance schedules into the customer’s maintenance system;
  • Recommend tool set and link the parts list to maintenance tasks;
  • Provide parts identifier tool;
  • Develop maintenance checklists;
  • Principles of operation;
  • Parts identification;
  • Practical maintenance certification;
  • Data gathered against Maintenance Compliance and Mechanical Inspection, and trended against standard
  • General maintenance observations logged and escalated;
  • Reporting and escalation;
Frontline Activities
  • Basic equipment maintenance, including maintenance tasks, reporting on compliance and execution, fault-finding and escalation;
  • Participation in customer systems (for example, permits, lockouts, safety, maintenance meetings);
  • Service includes Inspections
Advanced Activities
  • Oversight of frontline maintenance activities;
  • Higher-level maintenance interventions (for example, shutdowns, complex maintenance work or refurbishment)
Systems Setup
  • Create spares procedures and registers (on the customer’s template);
  • Evaluate stock parameters for customer circumstances;
  • Capture stock parameters into the customer inventory system;
  • Conduct a baseline stock-count, and establish shelf space & labelling;
  • Provide parts identifier tool;
  • Conduct a periodic stock-count and storage inspection;
  • Reporting and escalation
Frontline Activities
  • Basic spares management, including periodic stock reconciliation, triggering spares transactions, reporting on compliance, and escalation;
  • Service includes Inspections
Advanced Activities
  • Mutual stock-keeping of critical spares, including oversight of frontline spares management service
Systems Setup
  • Create breakdown procedures and registers (on the customer’s template);
  • Propose an escalation hierarchy, standby arrangements and a breakdown report template
Frontline Activities
  • Provision of standby coverage and frontline breakdown response, including breakdown reports and further escalation;
Advanced Activities
  • Higher-level breakdown response (no standby, but within agreed response time), including breakdown reports and further escalation;
  • Evaluation of frontline breakdown reports;
Operational Performance Audit
  • Assessment of holistic equipment efficiency, maintenance effectiveness, availability, safety performance, and spare parts performance, to determine the equipment’s current operating envelope, and against which to base improvements on
Technical Integrity Audit
  • Assessment of integrity (across structural, component, electrical, systems and process) and the development of a maintenance projection for the restoration of equipment to the original condition
Application & Optimisation Study
  • Re-certification of the process material;
  • Optimisation of the consumption of energy, reagents and spares;
  • Development of an operational lifecycle costing model


As the OEM, Roytec’s Operational Services are executed using certified parts and consumables, and with the assurance that they are going to be correctly-supplied.

Involvement in operational activities also places Roytec in a position to coordinate stock-holding levels and availability with greater assurance.  Mutual stock-holding agreements are available, to minimize downtime risks as a result of spare parts availability