Vacuum Belt Filters

Project Detail

Roytec have been designing and manufacturing Vacuum Belt Filters for 15 years. Our engineers have over 150 man-years of Belt Filter experience on a variety of mining & industrial applications.

In 2015 Roytec entered into a manufacturing agreement with Nuclear Industries YanTai Toncin in the Shandong province of China. Toncin are Asia’s largest Belt Filter manufacturers, delivering more than 600 units every year. Toncin’s sister company Sunny Rubber, have the capacity to manufacture rubber filter belts up to 6m width in a single pressing. The largest filters (145m²) supplied into our African market to date have rubber belt 4,6m wide.

The agreement between Roytec & Toncin allows for a combination of the best design features from both companies for any particular application.

Roytec Toncin belt filters are available in sizes from 1m² to 160m² and are always fitted with South African / European brand mechanical & electrical components to ensure good parts availability.

Manufacture of major components is carried out in China, resulting in a sound design, economical filter, fully guaranteed and serviced by Roytec.

Locally Roytec provide the following services;

  • Application assistance for most mining & mineral processes
  • Test work  (both laboratory & pilot plant)
  • Filter sizing, specification and integration with upstream & downstream processes
  • Process & mechanical guarantees
  • Project management to South African engineering standards
  • Erection supervision
  • Commissioning, optimization & training
  • Service level agreements, with consignment stocking of spares and on-site assistance.
The success of the Roytec Toncin belt filter can be attributed to the careful attention to fit for purpose design and engineering, simplicity and robust construction and superior after-sales service.

The filters have an endless carrier rubber belt that rides in a flat horizontal plane. An endless filter cloth travels together with the support carrier/drainage belt, providing mechanical support to the filter cloth.

This filtering surface (filter cloth) moves from a point where slurry is introduced onto the belt (feed end), liquor is sucked through the cloth by a vacuum and a cake is formed on the cloth surface. The cloth travel continues to the cake drop off point where the cake is discharged (discharge end) and after continuous washing the cloth returns to the point of feed slurry application.

Product Benefits

  • Roytec Toncin belt filters are versatile and ideally suited for cake washing applications, heavy mineral filtration and froth concentrate duties.
  • The Roytec Toncin Vacuum Belt Filter is extremely robust and suitable for operation and maintenance on the most remote of mining sites
  • We are able to offer a variety of belt width-to-length configurations to suit all duties. Widest Belts are 6m, longest Vacuum box is 36m and fastest belt speeds are 50m/min.
  • Roytec Toncin Vacuum Belt Filters are used extensively in phosphates, coal, float concentrates, leached ores of all kinds, tailings & backfill, gypsum, fluorspar, graphite and phosphoric acid duties.
  • Roytec Toncin belt filters provide the best cake wash efficiencies with the least water because of plug flow of wash water through the horizontal cake. Counter-current cake washing in 2 or 3 stages is common allowing wash water to be re-circulated and increasing liquor tenor.