Roytec's RadFlow™ Feedwell in international demand

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Roytec Global’s RadFlow™ Feedwell in international demand

A major nickel producer in New Caledonia has installed two Roytec Global RadFlow™ feedwells as part of an upgrade project on two clarifiers working on their Nickel Laterite process plant.

The clarifiers are particularly heavily loaded and operate at rise rates in excess of 14m/h. The challenge facing Roytec Global was to install RadFlow™ feedwells to contain the inflow velocities and to dissipate the high energy generated as efficiently as possible. The RadFlows™ lived up to their growing reputation, and soon after re-start the clarifiers where producing on-spec overflow clarities of less than 100mg/l.

Mark Langton, Roytec Global Process Director has reported a very satisfied customer & the likelihood of further clarifier & thickener upgrades on the plant.

The RadFlow™ is a revolutionary vertical vane type feedwell which has been well proven in over 50 local applications to improve thickener/clarifier operation and reduce flocculant consumption.